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Power Parent Conversations

Parent Power Conversation

The purpose of the Parent Broadcast is to create meaningful conversations around subject areas that can be troublesome to navigate through.  With the help of experts on various topics and parents who can offer personal experience we can tackle any issue with facts and respectful dialogue.

No one person has all the answers and no one solution fits every situation. Some topics will be funny and light, while others take a deeper dive into uncomfortable areas that need to be addressed.  It will be a judge free zone that promotes happy, healthy, matter what they look like.

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Start Strong, Stay Strong: Strategies for a Successful Year
Reading, Writing, & Regluation
Cultivating Hope for our Children
Home School Connection:
The Importance of Connecting with School Teachers and Counselors
Resilience: The Change Cycle
Discipline vs Punishment: The Male Perspective
Strong Willed Children
Old School Parenting
to Stress Free Parenting
Discipline and Structure:
What It Really Means”
Authentic Discussions About Race with our Children
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