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Misfit Heroes Inc. reaches back into the community to bring light to the many gifts and abilities yet to be discovered. Quality programs are designed to help individuals explore who they are with the goal of creating goal minded citizens that grow into productive members of society. Misfit Heroes Inc helps those interested navigate all the avenues of success with the understanding that success comes in many forms. Misfit Heroes Inc. operates with the understanding that everyone has something to offer. It is our goal to help individuals discover a purpose filled life while given back to the communities in which they live. 


I Support

  1. Quality Youth Programs

  2. Parent Trainings, Classes, and Programs

  3. Community Engagement

We Sustain by:

  1. Interdependent Community and Individual Relationships

  2. Functional, Maintainable systems and supports

  3. Volunteer and giveback opportunities

You Succeed through:

  1. Involved, Engaged, Productive Community Members

  2. A Community built on relationships and accountability

  3. Resources for underprivileged and underserved community members.

Be the Anybody Somebody Needs

Some one who is truly in need should be met with an OPEN DOOR!!!!

Misfit Heroes Inc. is dedicated to engaging te community with its most vulnerable citizens. Thhe goal is to meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the seemingly forgotten. We want to serve them with dignity. Through ongoing acts of service we want to show everyone THEY MATTER!!!

Past Events

Nursing Home Activity and Care Kits

Norristown Grab N Go

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Reach 1 to Teach 1

                    RockSTAR Readers

A virtual reading enrichment program for our Mini Misfits, grades K-4. 

Get snuggly and settle in for a bedtime story, read live by the authors of children's books!!

Follow us on Facebook @MisfitHeroes for the next live read aloud!



Parent Partnerships

Parent Power Conversation

The purpose of the Parent Broadcast is to create meaningful conversations around subject areas that can be troublesome to navigate through.  With the help of experts on various topics and parents who can offer personal experience we can tackle any issue with facts and respectful dialogue.


No one person has all the answers and no one solution fits every situation. Some topics will be funny and light, while others take a deeper dive into uncomfortable areas that need to be addressed.  It will be a judge free zone that promotes happy, healthy, matter what they look like.

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