Past Projects

Mommies Night In 01/24/21 - SUCCESS!

A small group of mothers came together for a "Mommies Night In." This was a night of relaxation and connection. This time was used to identify challenges we all face and brainstorm solutions that benefit the community as a whole. A final activity we did was an activity that used words of affirmation for our children. What a night!

Code Blue: Homeless Support 2/26/21 - SUCCESS!

With the help of all of you, we gave out @dunkin gift cards, hot coffee and donuts to our less fortune neighbors. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared our posts and reached out with encouraging words! If you’d like to be apart of our next community service event please click the link in our bio!

Mommies Night In 2/26/21 - SUCCESS!

The phrase of the night was Self Care. We talked about how important it is to make ourselves a priority. We spoke about keeping it simple, inexpensive, yet meaningful!!!We can't pour from empty cups and our children deserve us whole!!! We practiced self care by putting masks on our hands and feet. Each Mommy was gifted a self care kit to take home!!! Homework: Be intentional this week about doing something for you! I can't wait to see what the ladies come up with. Stay Tuned for our next Mommies Night in!! As the weather gets warmer and we can get outside we will be able to extend invites to more mommies.

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